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It’s all about flexibility

I’m changing my opening hours; Real Owl’s no longer open 10am - 5pm. Why?

Firstly, I’m a freelancer, my own boss, one of the perks being that, I can work when I want. In my experience, working when inspiration hits is not only when I’m most productive, but also when I get my best results, quickly...

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Please, don't call me

I get nagged for never answering my phone. Whilst not 100% true, I do admit to ignoring most unscheduled calls.

And just to make myself really clear, I am only talking about unscheduled calls.

Let me tell you why I don't pick up...

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I am not a we

A few months ago I went through the lengthy process of redesigning my website and writing my terms and conditions.

During this exercise I started referring to myself/Real Owl as we rather than I, thinking it sounded more professional...

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Real Reads

A quarterly (digital) magazine which presents a selection of Real Owl’s favourite blogs and articles.


Web Design Stockbridge Web Design Stockbridge Web Design Stockbridge Web Design Stockbridge

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Communication Overload

I own up. My name’s Steph, I forget to respond to people.

Although looking at the list below it’s no wonder why. Here are the more popular ways clients can find and contact me:

Email, Phone, Voicemail, Text, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Whats App, Skype &Todoist

Attempts to regain quality of life and run a more efficient business start now...

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Five Sentence Email

Recently I’ve been taking too long to respond to emails, both client and personal. On reflection, it's mostly long messages I push aside whilst uttering those famous last words “I’ll reply later”...

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The Pitfall of Multitasking

I was once taught by a very wise man to do something creative everyday. Anything to keep the creative juices flowing. So in a recent web design lull, I dove head first into three personal projects that I was (and still am) very excited about...

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Cost vs Quality

I had a fantastic idea, to get my business card printed on a phone cover.

Ok so it’s not breaking news but I always have my phone with me but often forget to take a card or two. My thought was that I could either keep a card in the back or people could snap a quick pic of my info with their phones...

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A Website Is an Investment

I may be guilty of letting my room get slightly messy from time to time. I know it’s normally about time to tidy up when what used to be my chair turns into a large pile of clothes.

Today I saw clutter in a new light...

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Tea Break

For some people a tea break is a good excuse to skive a few minutes away from their desk and possibly avoid a phone call or two. For me it’s a time to lose myself in my thoughts, as well as consuming a refreshing beverage...

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My life’s lessons to date

1. Always keep an empty glass in your room for that midnight spider attack.

2. Facebook tries too hard...

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Love to learn

I have learnt more about myself as a student whilst studying web design than I did over my three year university course. The most important thing I have learnt is loving to learn...

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Writers Block

Web Design Stockbridge Web Design Stockbridge

Much like writers block, when life throws you a creative wall, sometimes it’s good to get a little silly...

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Internet Explorer

It is truly heartbreaking to see a website that you have designed from a single light bulb moment, to lovingly placing those ideas down on paper, nurturing it through the markup process, admiring your work.

Then you check your site in Internet Explorer...

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365 Photos a Year

During the first year of owning my very own digital SLR camera, I took thousands of photos.

Unfortunately, on review of my masterpieces, I realised most of my pictures were of very similar subjects and taken from similar perspectives...

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Weighing twice my weight in beaters gear with dog at heel and guns lined up.

I will always find great pleasure in watching an owner command their dog to “get in” and hunt through the harshest undergrowth, Only to see the human doing the hunting and the dog watching comfortably.

Gundogs are most definitely smarter than we all like to think...

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